Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Increased Recognition

"But although the world was made through him, the world didn't recognize him when he came."
John 1:10 NLT [New Living Translation]

This is one of those quiet scriptures that when we really get the upper view can make a big impact on how we go about our daily live and ministry. Think about this for a moment; God made the world, the universe, and every single thing in it. We see God in this picture as awesome, supernatural, above anything we could comprehend or imagine. It would, therefore, make sense that when we got to see God face-to-face we would recognize Him. Right?

He chose to come into the world to bring salvation and understanding to His word as a baby. He chose to start at the very beginning of how He had created mankind to take shape, developing in the day to day scenarios. Yet, "the world didn't recognize him when he came."

Be encouraged today to look around, look inside of yourself, peruse the world you live in--body, mind and spirit. Do you recognize God in all of these things? If not, why not? There is nothing we do, think, or anticipate that our loving and perfect Father does not have his hand print on.

Let us not be among those who say, "I missed him when I had the chance." Give Him praise with every breath, glorify Him in every thing you do, and recognize that He is the creator, and we can be in His perfect will--by choice.

A Firey Flame For His Service
Susan Storm Smith

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