Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Five Addictions

I was glad that when I received this award Julie told me I only had to admit to five addictions, which is the easy part, and then award five other sisters the same award. That is such a cool idea. Thanks Julie! If I had been asked to write this, err, admit this list a few weeks ago, coffee would have been in the number one spot, but I have weaned myself from coffee and in fact, most of the cola drinks as well.

So for the list:
  1. Teaching and Mentoring--and yes, I have put them as one item because to be a good mentor, you must also like to teach. My love and addiction started as a child, telling stories that I either made up or rehearsed from other sources, to the kids younger than me. It grew over time to writing and biblical teaching, as well as a number of other subjects
  2. Reading--my favorites are suspense/thrillers, historical fiction, biographies, just good books with a great moral value. I am not a fan of chick lit or romance.
  3. Cherry Ice Cream with warm French Chocolate topping and fresh whipped cream--Condrell's here in our village make their own ice cream and it is delicious.
  4. News--I must admit as most of my friends know, my addiction to news both national and international
  5. Writing--several blogs, columns, stories, working on novels, and of course, Twitter [does that count as writing?]
Okay, those are my five that I can think of at the moment. Now to pass this prestigious award to five other sisters who are deserving but that's the hard part choosing. So many friends and only five slots. But here goes:
  1. Lynn Mosher at Heading Home
  2. Terri at Terri Tiffany Inspirational Writer
  3. Peggy at Embracing Life
  4. Lindy-Lou at Lindy-Lou
  5. Karla at Empowering Christian Women
I'm now laughing so bad, as I realized that God has indeed nudged me towards a great group of friends, some Christian, some not, some I'm not sure--but everybody has given me something to smile about, think about, and consider. Thanks everybody!

Thanks sistahs for playing along and posting your five addictions and then choosing five other sistahs to give the award to.

A Fiery Minister In His Service
Susan Storm Smith


Mel Menzies said...

Great post, Susan. Made me wonder which 5 (of many, I'm sure!) I'd choose. Speaking of addictions - if you like reading, try my book A Painful Post Mortem. It's a novel but is inspired by the true story of how the Lord released my daughter from a 13 year heroin addiction - only for her to die, suddenly, 5 yrs later. ALL proceeds are for charities benefiting kids.

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog! Hope you are having a great weekend! ♥ Hugs!

Kat said...

Susan, I saw your comment on Julie's blog (The Surrendered Scribe) with your idea on how to make sure you drank plenty of water. "Drink more water" is on my Makeover list, I'm definitely going to use your idea!