Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When Weeping Is Okay

"This is what the Lord Almighty says, "Consider now! Call for the wailing women to come; send for the most skillful of them." Jeremiah 9:17 NIV

I wonder what changes would be made around the world if the people of Almighty God would actually want to just come together in prayer? A friend of mine was asked to attend an all-night prayer vigil, much like Jeremiah was requesting in the above scripture. She was about to attend but thought to ask more about it.

She asked what they planned to do and if there was a theme or major concern that they were coming together to pray over. The woman who was inviting my friend was very enthusiastic in giving the details of how to get to the church, who had agreed to attend, and ... who was cooking all the food. When asked why they were serving food at a prayer vigil, the reply was astounding. "Well, you know, being up all night and praying makes you hungry, so we want to have something available for the sisters to eat, keep them going."

The food being served was not just cheese and crackers, juice and water. The menu was fried chicken, greens, all kinds of deserts, ribs and so many other buffet items. The women then could get up off their "wailing" knees and make themselves a plate. This is not what Jeremiah is calling us to do.

Jeremiah is calling for skilled women, those who know that it isn't about eating and dressing for the occasion. He is calling for men and women to come as you are, with a burden to get before the Lord over particular issues and challenges. People skilled in the ability to pray the Bible, to get rid of distractions, leave the cell phones and pagers off, and submit before the throne of God for as long as it takes for the burden to be removed. I have been in those meetings that have lasted all night and far into the next day. The benefits have been phenomenal.

Jesus gave instruction for the disciples to stay together in one place for one purpose. Peter and the apostles, then Paul all understood the need and breakthrough that comes with corporate prayer, a solemn assembly of like hearted people who were willing to pour out their hearts before the Lord.

I submit to you my friends, that we are in an hour and time of challenges this world has not seen. We can and do activate heaven on our behalf through effective fervent prayer. I challenge you to call your congregations, friends, group together for "wailing prayer" over your city, your region, your nation. Then add your government leaders on every level, and all Christian leadership. Let us take the collapse of the world system and seek the face of God, turning from it and seeking the face of God for real. [2 Chronicles 7:14; Jeremiah 35:15; Ezekiel 3:19 NIV]

Looking forward to hearing your plans and your reports!

A Fiery Flame For His Service
Susan Storm Smith

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